In the meantime.

Unfortunately, I will not have a race report from the Aramco Houston Half Marathon.  I dropped out at 5K because I felt like my left leg wasn't doing the work properly and I didn't want to risk any resulting compensation issues.  Odd, maybe I tied my shoe too tight?  I have never had that before -- I also did not feel anything afterwards when I accompanied Josh on his mid-morning run.  It's an important year and this spring we have our sights set on a fast half marathon in March so that is still the main goal of the season and it's one that I know I can accomplish.


I left Houston feeling inspired and ready to work.  It is certainly frustrating to not get in the good effort you intended but I could not stay disappointed for long after hearing about and witnessing so many Canadians absolutely crush their races!  I am motivated to get the most out of myself throughout the coming year.  


In the meantime, here are a few things that may interest you if you have yet to check them out: 



I chatted with Kate Van Buskirk for The Shakeout Podcast immediately after the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.  She is an excellent interviewer and I really enjoyed this one.  


Another interview was with the Women Run Canada podcast.  I always have podcasts at the ready for when I am running, cooking, road-tripping — add this one to your playlist.


I had an amazing time shooting for the iRun magazine cover.  Krista DuChene wrote the story and there she highlights my marathon journey.  I highly recommend this read as it outlines the struggle I have had trying to get to start line as well as get it right on race day.


So, you know I love recapping my races — that’s what most of my blogs consist of, but if you are also eager to know more about my workouts leading into those races then check out this blog post I did on the iRun website.  I outlined my last five weeks of training leading into my peak marathon of the year and my best race performance to date.


And finally, check out my favourite photos from the iRun shoot below.  I absolutely love how it captures the beauty of Vancouver and some of my most cherished places to run.  Thank you Sewari Campillo — woman with a vision!