Life lately, according to my iPhone.

Here are a few photos from the past week . . .

vvv A typical evening with the feet up and compression socks on after enjoying a round of NormaTec. Halo was probably just in a reloading phase as it is a staple in these recovery sessions.  As is the 711 candy run . . . vvv

vvv Love a good breakfast of fresh blueberries and cottage cheese with lots of cinnamon! vvv

^^^ The usual afternoon coffee run. ^^^  

^^^ Our overflowing shoe racks -- thankful for this though! ^^^

vvv I made homemade corn tortillas the other night and they were awesome. vvv

vvv Why does -3C feel soooo cold? vvv

^^^ Met with Matt from AFX last week and I now have my own Ankle Foot Maximizer which I am using every other day.  Thank you so much Matt!!! ^^^  

^^^ En route to Whistler after missing our exit coming back from Burnaby Lake -- that could have been fun:) ^^^

vvv No comment. vvv