Getting back at it.

So it has been a long while since my last post. i will blame that on feeling like i was never going to heal up and get back. but time heals all wounds and i will say, without thinking i am cursing myself in the process, that i believe my body has healed (i am saying this while trying desperately not to knock on the wooden table in front of me.)

My mileage has been slowly increasing (~90K this week) and the pain that was in my shin for months on end has finally dissipated. i have incorporated some speed and tempo sessions into the last two weeks and have been surprised at how quickly i went from feeling awkward and slow to fluid and less slow. my recent regeneration of fitness has left me anxiously awaiting the spring racing season. i have quite a few races planned so i am very motivated to get work done! i am planning on running a little indoor meet this tuesday at the university. i am using it as a workout since i work every day this week and it makes it possible to avoid doing a speed session at an obscene hour of the morning. so i am doing the 1000 and 3000 on day 2 of the meet -- Lord help me! i have never raced a 1000 in my life and i don't even recall how the start is structured . . . is it a staggered lane start? waterfall? i hate track. so needless to say my times will be less than stellar. coach says it will be a good opportunity to get a baseline of my current fitness, so onward i go.

I hope to update you all more frequently in the future. i will leave it at that for today but expect to hear a report of the blue and gold indoor meet.

In the meantime here is a throwback to my lancer days for CIS 2009 xc!